Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arts Alive

This past weekend I was a vendor at Art's Alive in Jackson, MS at downtown Smith Park. The weather was nice, a bit cold but sunny. I sold several of my custom Jewelery Frames which was fantastic! (sidenote*-I dabble in a little of everything when it deals with art!) The only downfall was I had a very annoying much older man hitting on me the entire time I was trying to get my business hustle on. Instead of him helping his elderly mom sell her quilts he was constantly buzzzing like a fly in my dang ear! Sheeshhhhhh... This man was old enough to be my father and maybe grandfather too. My mom and aunt thought it was hilarious. He should have been trying to get their number instead of mine! But overall it was a great day filled with great booths, great entertainment and great food.

Friday, March 6, 2009

While cleaning out my studio and I ran across a piece that I did back in 2003. I can't remember what my inspiration at that time was for this particular piece however I do know how this piece makes me feel right now. Struggle and Strength. Everyday I struggle. I struggle with my child, my sister, my mom, my dad, my inner self, my job, my love, and the negativity that may surround me and things that I have no control over. Struggling is something that as I child growing up I was shielded from but knew all about. You see I was raised in a single parent home with a mother who struggled to survive but the strength of many men. She did this without my father's help to lift the burdens off her shoulders day after day. But not once did I ever see her cry or her anguish because she couldn't or didn't know how or when she would be able to get money to pay a bill or put food on the table. But the bills were paid and we were never hungry. You see my mother is a survivor. She shielded us from the struggles of her providing us with the everyday needs and wants. And everyday she did this with a smile on her face regardless of how heavy her heart was. As I got older and could see past the shield I realized how much my mother has struggled and sacrificed her needs and wants to provide me with a wonderful life. You she my mother is a Warrior. The word Love doesn't even carry enough meaning behind it to express how I feel about my mother. I just pray that I can grow to be the warrior that is She...

Okay enough of the reminiscing...

And back to the painting at hand. Each and every time I look at that picture it reminds me of Struggle, Strength, Love, Courage, Loyalty, and my Mommy. And now that I am raising a child of my own I pray that I have the type of strength that my mother had while raising me to endure whatever comes flying my way.

With that in mind this piece is entitled: * All Praise Up High*

watercolor 22 x28

I must admit I have been slacking with my Strokes lately but I am back on it. A friend of mine commissioned me for a painting of what she called "anything" it didn't matter what it looked like as long as it had my creative flare on it.

So introducing my newest STROKE entitled:

Pebble Downward Upward Slide

size:30 x 40

*close up different lighting

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My Lovestroke entitle
"Four=Stagnant=Release" has just been completed.

It took me quite a few days on this one.

I have been feeling somewhat stagnant is a variety of ways and my lack thereof led me to create this piece.

There have been "4" major things in my life that seem to have placed a hold on me and in my life in ways that "I" at times have no control over then at times I do. Right now I am trying to figure out how to rise from beneath the film covered water to make my way to a level of fresh air. Have you ever seen still water that has been sitting up for days and has this gross, grimy type of film covering the surface yet it is still transparent? And when looking into the water you may see various types of creatures that have inhabited the water and are squirming around as if they cannot figure out how to get out...

well... when I was painting this piece that's how I was feeling. A little overwhelmed, at lot stressed, trying to breathe...




Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Got some new ish coming out real soon y'all. I am so excited with my new strokes.

2008 was good and bad to a sister but through it all I made it to see a another year and for that I am extremely GRATEFUL.

2009 I am...
Grateful that my life is mine
Grateful that I can wake up and toss and turn and moan about not wanting to get up
but grateful that in those moans- there are thank you's to my wonderful oh gracious GOD
for allowing me to
roll over and get out of bed- to go to a place
which sustains my life, my child's needs, my needs, and sometimes my wants...
My JOB... * not my career (but grateful that he's leading me on that path)
Grateful that my parents are alive and well
Grateful that my siblings are just that...
and alive and well
Grateful for familia
Grateful for HIM
I am so grateful that each and every morning I can open my eyes and SEE my daughter's beautiful face
And the ability to open my mouth to say to her I LOVE YOU
and continue to build her up with the self esteem, morals, ethic, and education that she will need to have today and future
Grateful that she is mine
Grateful that I have not missed those "ooohhh look at that or "smile" moments or just "moments" with my child
Grateful for all the wonderful friends that I had made throughout the years
Grateful my "friends" are really "true friends"
Grateful to be loved
Grateful to give Love
All of my LOVE
I have never been one to be stingy with Love
for it is what keeps me, sustains me, motivates me
I am grateful to the most high for my GIFT

Hello 2009.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wild Buttas

"Mommy look at your Wild Buttas!"
"Daddy need a haircut, he got Wild Buttas!"

This piece was totally inspired by my daughter -Miss "Wild BUTTAS" Amber.
She is a girly girl and loves to be glamorous. Diva already was Never in "training" came out the womb that way.
As I sat looking at the canvas with Amber next to me trying to figure out how and what my love strokes would be... my baby looked up at me and said, "mommy paint my wild buttas and I need some headphones on too." So....here's what will be the first installment of my WILD BUTTA series. Enjoy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Piece I have been working on- "meditation ease"